I used MobiPush (www.mobipush.com) for push email to my HTC Mogul…until it went down…and stayed down. I’ve now found out about Z-Push, but it’s a server-install solution that seems rather ugly and just mght infringe on Microsoft’s software parents for ActiveSync, which it uses (wisely) to get email down onto your phone.

My submission: there needs to be an open-source standard for push e-mail, and everyone needs to get on board. A good one already somewhat available is IMAP-IDLE, however most devices don’t support it. The only other somewhat open standard (BlackBerry doesn’t count) is Microsoft ActiveSync Direct Push, what I was using. The problem there is it’s supposed to be proprietary.

No, I wouldn’t be writing this if my push email service hadn’t gone down a week and more ago, but still, there should be a push e-mail standard for “the little people”, one that can be , and will be, implemented across the board both on mail servers, on third-party services if need be, and on devices. I’m looking at you, Android and Palm WebOS: Microsoft, BlackBerry and to an extent Apple have their own irons in the fire but an easy, open push standard included with every device sold would absolutely make my day.

In the meanwhile though, I’ll see what I can do to make zPush work with at least GMail…

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