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Another blog post…

Sorry for the weeks of silence, however my life has been a little too busy of late. Of course, part of that busy-ness has been business ( is in part mine) and part of it is just playing around (I am now a proud owner of the Nintendo Wii, the sweetest console out there). But at any rate I have to say that things have been going fairly well of late…I think I’m getting my priorities straight and all that, which is always a good thing. Though I’m still a little strapped for time.

Well gotta go. It is about ten seconds till the beginning of Physics class. Fortunately though, I’mall set up…


Let’s see here…

  • Finished reading chemistry’s Lewis paper this morning.
  • Started
  • Will finish remaining chemistry homework tonight (reading and lab notes)
  • Finished physics homework problems (no exam prep right now but I don’t care yet) including extra credit
  • Have 250 or so Tracfone cards that I need to pay for, will have to be via credit card due to item #2 above
  • Tomorrow will finish physics reading, CSM 101, math work, all before 11 a.m.
  • Tomorrow will see about hosting outside of WordPress
  • Bought Toshiba R100 ultralight laptop
  • Went to church
  • Ate two relatively square meals
  • Going to make a profit of maybe $80 tomorrow on item #2
  • Waiting on a near-$7000 payment re: item 5 in the near future

Whew, I feel better about myself now. Now for a show and some more homework…

Duh Sprint…

Okay, it’s not really Sprint’s fault…I love Sprint to death and all carriers do this I think…but I’ve had service credits for my last…let’s see…three months of service I think, due to me paying a higher price for my phone than was needed and getting a service credit back to cover that charge. Anyhow, my bill for this month? $0.70. Okay, Sprint, you take 38 cents of that while the credit card company takes 32 cents and we’ll all be happy, right? Heh. My bill this month was $42.84 with a $42.14 credit hence the charge.

Okay, and before I pay my bill I have to brag about what I get with my oh-so-cheap plan:

  • 500 anytime minutes
  • Unlimited Sprint Mobile To Mobile
  • Unlimited Text, Picture and Video Messages
  • Unlimited web access (EvDO rocks!)
  • Unlimited Nights and Weekends starting at 7 p.m.
  • $50-deductible phone insurance (when you have a phone that has a street price of $400 it’s a wise investment)

But now to paying my 70-cent bill.

EDIT: I have to pay at least a buck on any transaction, so I now have a whopping 30-cent credit to my account. Also, since my airline rewards credit card now registers as having my billing address in college, I had to use my cash rewards card to pay the dollar. Big whoop.

Ah well…

I thought I’d at least get Calculus done tonight, but I got distracted, making this website. Ah well…there’s always tomorrow, or rather today after I’ve slept awhile. At least I now have a decent-looking, unified, content-managed website. The bad thing about it is that this actually looks better than some parts of Go4Prepaid. Drat. I wish I had enough time to fix those…but that’d mean switching to WordPress for the whole shebang and migrating five hundred fifty plus posts over to the new system. Not fun, though I’m sure there’s an easy way to do it…