Okay, it’s not really Sprint’s fault…I love Sprint to death and all carriers do this I think…but I’ve had service credits for my last…let’s see…three months of service I think, due to me paying a higher price for my phone than was needed and getting a service credit back to cover that charge. Anyhow, my bill for this month? $0.70. Okay, Sprint, you take 38 cents of that while the credit card company takes 32 cents and we’ll all be happy, right? Heh. My bill this month was $42.84 with a $42.14 credit hence the charge.

Okay, and before I pay my bill I have to brag about what I get with my oh-so-cheap plan:

  • 500 anytime minutes
  • Unlimited Sprint Mobile To Mobile
  • Unlimited Text, Picture and Video Messages
  • Unlimited web access (EvDO rocks!)
  • Unlimited Nights and Weekends starting at 7 p.m.
  • $50-deductible phone insurance (when you have a phone that has a street price of $400 it’s a wise investment)

But now to paying my 70-cent bill.

EDIT: I have to pay at least a buck on any transaction, so I now have a whopping 30-cent credit to my account. Also, since my airline rewards credit card now registers as having my billing address in college, I had to use my cash rewards card to pay the dollar. Big whoop.