I currently work freelance on a number of web application projects, primarily on the API/back-end side of things, with a healthy dose of devops mixed in. When not collecting requirements, designing solutions, building said solutions or prematurely optimizing said solutions (hey, 30ms page load times are cool, right?), I write the occasional blog post, attend the occasional conference, and retweet lots of people.

For awhile I was full-time with Access Empowerment (they’re still a client of mine). Their currently released product is Parking Mobility, a system that catalogs what I like to call “the blue spaces” (accessible parking spots) and helps make sure that they’re being used by the people who actually need them. I’m their back-end API architect/dev/devops guy, with a bit of front-end UI-building thrown in when something not-fancy and heavily server-side-dependent will suffice. Server-side, my work is mostly PHP (on nginx), with some node.js mixed in.

Prior to going full-time on Parking Mobility (and after!), I built and maintained web sites and applications, Parking Mobility included, on-contract, either on my own or as part of Cloudy Hills.

On the open-source/community side, I’m currently organizer for the Austin Web Developer Lunch, a speaker a few times a year at AustinPHP, a minor contributor to AuraPHP, and I’ve got a few random projects of my own on my GitHub account.