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My Fave Podcasts

Well, I’ve looked around a little and here are my favorite podcasts (i.e. the ones that I’ll actually listen to\watch). Funny how some of ’em are Mac-related and I passed up the iPhone for a Sprint Mogul…and these are relatively in order of interest…

1. This Week In Tech
2. The Daily Giz Wiz
3. MacBreak Weekly
4. InDigital
5. [email protected]
6. SecurityNow
7. Windows Weekly
8. CommandN
9. The Tech Guy
10. GigaOM

InDigital and CommandN are both video podcasts. The rest of the 10 are audio. Yes, theyre all tech-related. Just thought I’d note these…

I’m gonna crash the internet

Okay, not really, but here’s what I’ve got running on my dual-screened system:

3x Internet Explorer, 5 tabs open total across two monitors
Microsoft Word 2007
Microsoft Excel 2007
Microsoft Outlook 2007 (has open a journal entry that I use as a time clock for work)
Notepad (for quick notes)
WIndows Media Player (miniplayer mode)
AIM & Windows Live Messenger (tray mode)

So, total, I have seven windows open, eight programs, eight instances of various programs plus two running in the background, all on a machine that I bought for $700 a year ago (though I upgraded the hard drive recently…same with the operating system). 🙂