UPDATE 2: The 1TB Hitachi drives are back on sale for $64.99 after a rebate which will expire on the 31st. Not 5.5¢ per GB, but not too bad either. No promo code though.

UPDATE: Newegg (prematurely as far as I can see, I might add) ended the coupon promo, and the Hitachi drives are now all sold out. Nice run though. Still, Newegg has some cheap drives, like this Seagate 1.5TB $109.99 beaut’. Just remember that life’s a little slower when you want more bits for the buck, that drive runs at a mere 5900 RPMs.

Want some cheap internal storage? Don’t mind using Hitachi for said storage? Then check out the below:


But wait, it gets better. In addition to the $10 mail-in rebate, you can get another 10% off with the coupon code hddsale15.

The result: a full terabyte of storage for a mere $54.99 shipped after rebate. That’s a teeny 5.5¢ per GB.

Just keep in mind that the window of opportunity for the rebate and the promo code ends at midnight on Monday the 17th. After which things are back up to normal with 1TB drives bottoming out at about $75.

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