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Speaking of servers…

…I actually have a few spread around the world, for various purposes. Most are going dead as soon as the money runs out, but a few will stick around. This includes web hosts…here are the names, packages and reasons, in order of when I got them:

  1. 1&1 ($5 Microsoft and Linux packages, for personal site, I’ll let them expire but will keep them as a domain registrar…their stuff is just plain slow)
  2. LiquidWeb (low-end VPS with all the upgrades, paid $4100 in advance so I now have to pay just $40 per month for what I’m getting, which is a decent deal, used for a push e-mail project that isn’t working right currently)
  3. SuperSeedbox (seedbox, on an OVH server, gets decent speeds and costs $20 per month)
  4. (seedbox which was cheap but is lousy speed-wise, also at OVH)
  5. (dedicated server with low-end specs and network storage, 17 Euros per month, will let this one expire…based in OVH, used as a seedbox)
  6. PruHosting (99 cents per year, 50 MB of storage, 1GB of bandwidth and a server that works)

So I’ll be down to three different servers at the end of the month: LiquidWeb, SuperSeedbox and MDDHosting. May cut out SuperSeedbox as well. Whew, I’m spending a bit of dough on servers…but most were experiments anyhow.

What’s funny is how each seedbox has a different BitTorrent client on it. The SuperSeedbox has Āµtorrent, the system has rtorrent/wtorrent, and the unit uses Transmission. All are decent clients when configured correctly on decent servers, but I’d recommend Āµtorrent on SuperSeedbox at this point.

As to my choice of VPS and shared servers, I stand behind what I bought; LiquidWeb and MDDHosting are both good companies, and they do what I pay them for quite well.

Oh, and PruHosting…it’s 99 cents per year, what can I say? It works quite well, so if someone wants to set up a basic WordPress blog, that’s where to host it; just grab a domain from and forward it over there (why They’re cheap…$7.50 per year after the promo code TEK1, as in TekZilla).

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New Server!

No, really. No sooner did I move to my new host, then they decided to switch all their shared hosting accounts to a new server. This is a good thing…though server load went up for a few hours, there was zero downtime, I didn’t have to do anything, and the new server is configured a bit beefier than the old one, so my site will run even faster. Woohoo!

On a more negative note, due to DNS propagation delays, I had to post this twice, once on the old server, once on the new one.

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