A compatriot at The Oredigger, Andrew Ferguson, summed up the situation on his blog, so I won’t reiterate. Though I will post my comment on that post here, as well as a proposed addition to the school fight song, The Mining Engineer. I’ll also note that I didn’t really have any classes after noon anyway…

I had class until about 12:07, when the prof decided we really weren’t supposed to be in Meyer a full fifteen minutes after quittin’ time; the class normally extends to 12:15, perhaps a little later.

The way back to my apartment, across from the CTLM (yep, that close), was rather arduous; blowing snow and closed buildings, yuck. Had a friend over because his house is a few miles away and no RTD buses came for an hour or so when he was there.

Later a roommate and I delivered him home…the driving experience could be summed up as “The Fast and the Furious: Golden Drift”. Thence to King Sooper’s. Sonic was for all intents and purposes closed (I really wanted some ice cream in that snowstorm, go figure). Then another interesting ride back home.

I seriously thought about breaking into a chorus of the school fight song, upon hearing that EVERY other institution had been closed down due to the snow…except Mines, which deigned to wait until lunch. It just goe to show how hardcore this place is. I’d say it’s the Chuck Norris of schools but then I’d get roundhouse kicked in the face.

And now for the addition to the fight song Mines attendees know and love so well:

They closed the schools, the city and they closed Colorado State,
The students of the School of Mines wondered “what’s next”, but wait!
The classes didn’t close down until noon of that day.
’cause the School of Mines’s reputation would have it no other way.

So, whaddya think? I’m no metallurgist but steel is tried, stressed and strengthened when force-cooled, right? Guess Mines students are supposed to be men (and the token women) of steel? That’s what it feels like, and the only thing we can do about it is be insanely proud. 🙂