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CORS in an API?

I had a question a few days ago, and am going to bring it up at this month’s Austin API meetup: should you use CORS in an API? I suppose that that leads into another question: should your API be built to be used by an application running from someone’s browser that is served on a domain other than your own? Read the rest of this entry »

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…and we’re back

After attempting to install Drupal 8 and use that as my personal website, I relented. This site is primarily a blog, so WordPress ends up being the best fi, until such time as I (or someone else) builds something better.

I’ve (finally) updated my About and Work pages (though the latter is a placeholder for the time being), so the information there is now current. If there’s something you’d like to know, I can’t guarantee an answer, but feel free to ask!

I’ll be posting something later tonight, but I should grab something to eat before everything closes first…