Okay, not like last post but I decided to just get various stuff with my graduation money rather than saving it for college, as I already have earned enough for my first year…

1. Canon PowerShot a710 IS digital camera – $237 at Profeel
2. Transcend 2GB SD card (for camera, palm, camcorder, PC, etc.) – $15.99 at ClubIT
3. Duracell 4x 2650 mAh rechargeable AAs (for camera, 2 backup sets!) – $7.25 on eBay
4. Lenmar Mach3 Lightning (I think) 8-minute charger (for camera) – $29.99 at Vann’s
5. Adobe Photoshop Elements 5 OEM – $33.90 on eBay
6. Adobe Premiere Elements 3 Retail – $50 on eBay
7. Canon Elura 100 refurbished camcorder with bag (cheaper with bag) – $338.94 on eBay
8. 3-in-1 FireWire cable – $7.99 on MeritLine
9. 6x Maxell 60-minute MiniDV tapes – $11.96 on eBay
10. $100 toward Boy Scout summer camp fee

For a total of $833.02. This may seem like a lot of money (it is!) but it’s really nice to know that just the cash presents I got for graduation are going to cover this, and (likely) then some. Now to get some thank you notes written…:)