So I finally updated my About page and my Google profile to reflect where I am now, rather than where I was six-plus months ago. Or thereabouts.

I should also note that I ran for Student Body President here at Mines. This isn’t the first time I’ve run for such a position; I ran last year for Junior Class Treasurer (a friend was running for Junior Class President and I didn’t want to split the ticket), and in fall 2007 I ran for Freshman Class President. This is the first time I was soundly defeated; the other two positions were won by a handful of votes by my opponent.

To be clear, I’m not bitter, just solidified in the supposition that the whole thing’s just a popularity contest; people vote for their friends, not on issues. For what it’s worth, I’ll probably end up doing nearly as much this coming year through <non-presidential ASCSM position> by saying “yes” to tasks that the guy who won wants to delegate. Or that I think up.

Sorry for the broken links in the tweet; didn’t see any use keeping up the Facebook campaign page that I had up. If you want to see the campaign poster I had, comment (Openness, Efficiency, Free Bagels were my three legged stool of stumping prowess).