Maybe I’m a bit hard on this Russian-made security suite, in beta for Windows 7. Yet I gotta say, if you want antivirus that’s low on resources, ihigh on functionality, and low on the annoying factor Kaspersky isn’t exaclty the way to go. Full scans slow down the computer (somewhat expected), and while otherwise resource usage is fine, I still get popups warning me that svchost.exe has chaned in version numbering (it hasn’t), notifications I then have to dismiss to go on iwth my day.

Bottom line: when given the choice between security suites for Windows 7, use AVG, not Kaspersky. They make goos antivirus software I suppose, but they’re for-pay eventually, and they’re just plain annoying compared with the get-out-of-your-way-as-much-as-possible AVG.

No, I haven’t uninstalled Kaspersky 8.0 from my Windows 7 system yet, but if I had to do things all over again, I wouldn’t have put it on in the first place.