Let me preface this by saying that, though I want to go into the industry, I’m by no means an expert on how all the backend stuff works on either cable or fiber internet. Or DSL for that matter. But I sort of know what’s going on, and I think that counts for something…

Looks like I’m gonna make this brief too. Got a lot to do.

Anyway here are some prices that I’ve found for internet out there, proving that Comcast could do better than its current offering (50 megabits down, 5 up, for $150 per month, $180 business edition I think)…the speeds are down/up in megabits per second

$90 50/20 (FiOS)

$140-$160 30/15 (FiOS in another area)

20/20 $77 (FiOS)

30/5 $62 (OptimumOnline Cable)

As you can see, it seems like cable is limited to 5 megabits upstream speed, though downstream speed can get pretty high. So don’t be too hard on cable for that…they still haven’t perfected “channel bonding” which allows faster upload speeds on their new DOCSIS 3.0 spec. So maybe we’ll see higher speeds, or maybe they can afford to overpromise on download speeds but not on uploads since people are looking to send stuff and want some way to do it reliably and quickly rather than an over-promise under-deliver type of thing. Then again, FiOS can do twenty megabits up with no problem, so why not Comcast? And why does Comcast cost $150 per month for a connection that I’m sure is going to be throttled in some way? Dunno, but gotta end this post somewhere, otherwise I’ll not have enough time for homework…