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My Fave Podcasts

Well, I’ve looked around a little and here are my favorite podcasts (i.e. the ones that I’ll actually listen to\watch). Funny how some of ’em are Mac-related and I passed up the iPhone for a Sprint Mogul…and these are relatively in order of interest…

1. This Week In Tech
2. The Daily Giz Wiz
3. MacBreak Weekly
4. InDigital
5. Net@Nite
6. SecurityNow
7. Windows Weekly
8. CommandN
9. The Tech Guy
10. GigaOM

InDigital and CommandN are both video podcasts. The rest of the 10 are audio. Yes, theyre all tech-related. Just thought I’d note these…

I’m gonna crash the internet

Okay, not really, but here’s what I’ve got running on my dual-screened system:

3x Internet Explorer, 5 tabs open total across two monitors
Microsoft Word 2007
Microsoft Excel 2007
Microsoft Outlook 2007 (has open a journal entry that I use as a time clock for work)
Notepad (for quick notes)
WIndows Media Player (miniplayer mode)
AIM & Windows Live Messenger (tray mode)

So, total, I have seven windows open, eight programs, eight instances of various programs plus two running in the background, all on a machine that I bought for $700 a year ago (though I upgraded the hard drive recently…same with the operating system). :)